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Product writer job description

The Product Writer will join a creative team of content writers within the wider Marketing Team, with the core responsibilities of writing new program or product descriptions for our worldwide sustainable development and travel programs. Content writing will not be limited to product writing and will also involve creating new landing pages, downloadable materials, and printed brochures and flyers, for example.

This is a new role within the marketing team, and is essential for helping the team function efficiently.


  • Working with the director of marketing and other content writers to identify and prioritize new products
  • Liaising with our field teams around the world to collate program specific content
  • Writing or editing new product content
  • Prepping new programs for website implementation, including the sourcing of images and pricing, date and duration decisions
  • Writing and editing landing pages
  • Writing content for online and offline material, such as brochures, flyers, e-books, reports, etc
  • Ensuring a smooth and efficient process for program creation, including coordination of many departments and individuals

We are a dynamic organisation and as such, all must be flexible and prepared to get involved in all aspects of the company, specifically within the marketing team. There will be times when all staff will be requested to help with a certain project, and other times where your tasks differ from your formal job description. This is all part of the fun of working here at GVI!

Company Description

We are a multi-award winning social enterprise on a mission to build a global network of people united by their passion to make a difference. We run all our own sustainable development programs in 13 countries worldwide aligned to the objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

To ensure we are truly having a lasting positive impact, we partner with local governmental and non-governmental organisations on the ground. More than 35,000 participants have either volunteered, interned, or studied abroad with us over the course of our 20 years in operation and most have noted the experience as ‘life-changing.’

We are a UK registered social enterprise, but our key management and administrative teams have been based in Westlake for the past five years in the laid-back office space (complete with snack bar) which we call home. We are a pretty hardworking bunch, but we are committed to keeping things lighthearted. You’re just as likely to walk into a heated discussion about a current topic in sustainable development as one about which Hogwarts house you might be sorted into.



The successful applicant will ideally have a bachelor’s degree in journalism, marketing, media, communications, or another arts and humanities field. English studies are essential. The applicant must have 3 years or more work experience either in digital media or in a related occupation.

Ideal qualities

  • Experience writing for the travel and/or international development industry
  • Experience writing for an American and/or British audience
  • Experience marketing to millennials and/or gen z consumers
  • Passion for marketing and lead generation
  • Meticulous attention to detail and grammar
  • Experience creating content for different audiences and regions
  • Ability to edit and provide feedback on other writer’s work
  • A passion for the industry and our business’ mission
  • Exceptional writing and editing skills. You must have the ability to adopt the style, tone, and voice to our business’ various types of content
  • Superior organisational skills
  • Skill at retaining complex and wide-ranging product knowledge
  • A creative mind, but one that is also process driven
  • Efficiency
  • Knowledge of the travel, education and the sustainable development industries

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