EventsAIR releases AV technology at world’s IMEX exhibition in Las Vegas

Event Africa Contributor 10/11/2021 Business Events Made Easy

EventsAIR, one of the world’s leading global hybrid event management platforms, today announced a new addition to its technology suite that allows event planners to manage audiovisual setup for hybrid events of any size from anywhere in the world in a more cost-effective manner.

The company made the announcement at IMEX America 2021 in Las Vegas, the mecca of the global business meetings and events industry, attracting more than 3,300 global buyers and over 2,250 exhibitors.

With this new capability, the EventsAIR Hybrid Event Solution Suite now allows event organizers to effectively take control of cameras, projectors, audio tools and more from any location in the world, and virtually eliminates the need for high AV production costs.

Using the EventsAIR suite, event organizers arrive on-site and set up affordable and innovative equipment like PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras, projectors, LCD panels, and more to create accessible and professional productions that can be viewed by both in-person and virtual attendees.

All of these cameras, audio feeds, projectors, and other devices are controlled by the award-winning AIRCast Studio. Once they are set up and connected to EventsAIR, allowing event hosts and producers to control and use this equipment for all scheduled sessions.

Joe Ciliberto, EventsAIR Global Sales & Marketing Director, said the ability to remotely manage equipment is a huge step forward for the events industry.

“The new AV management technology allows event planners to organize and produce professional hybrid events of all sizes on smaller, more affordable budgets,” Mr Ciliberto said.

“It represents a step forward in terms of giving both virtual and in-person attendees the ability to connect, engage, and participate in one seamless hybrid event experience, with all the buzz of the real-world experience.”

The EventsAIR Hybrid Event Solution Suite includes an innovative mobile attendee app where in-person attendees can communicate, engage, socialize, network, and connect with their virtual counterparts.

“For the first time, both in-person and virtual attendees share a common session experience, asking questions and polls, networking with each other, and earning points with the included gamification platform,” Mr Ciliberto said.

“Exhibitors can also connect at the same time with in-person and virtual attendees, engaging in activities, conversations and meetings.”

More than 2 million event attendees already use the EventsAIR flagship OnAIR virtual portal, which has been leading the way in online events since May 2020, with innovation after innovation.