Travel with a Purpose: Tourism Will Continue To Be A Positive Force

Event Africa Contributor 05/10/2021 Traveller News

Everyone loves travelling but the pandemic has halted plans and turned the tourism industry upside down. With lockdown restrictions easing over the past couple of months, Magical Kenya Travel Expo presented a power panel on how to Travel with a Purpose. The panel was hosted by Fiona Jefferey with Jonathan Scott – former BBC Big Cat Diaries Presenter – Jono Vernon-Powell, and Collin Murray from One Horizon weighing in.

A Change in the Purpose of Travel

The discussion started with Fiona asking the panel: “How do you think the purpose of travel has changed?” Jonathan said that he felt a safari was the most wonderful, rich and spiritual experience in the world. “Covid-19 has awakened us to the fact that we are all inextricably linked to nature and add that we have to be way more responsible.”

Colin Murray added: “We need each other. We need to have interactions with people and the ecosystem that we’re a part of.” 

Jono Vernon Powell said that over the last few decades, travel has grown exponentially. Tourism is and will continue to be a positive force, but it must be managed properly. “Financial survival is the most important thing right now. The developed world has had governmental support; in the developing world we are acutely aware of the impact the lack of tourism has had on our businesses.”

Sustainability Must Be Long Term

With regards to sustainability, Murray said that we must consider the long-term sustainability of the natural ecosystem as well as destination management. The industry must ensure in the long run that tourists benefit from the experience as well as the destination. The primary concern is survival, and the good news is that people want to travel. Because people have postponed their trips, there may be a shortage of available seats over the next two years. Following that, we must ensure that we reinforce the importance of collaboration.

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