Reigniting Europe: Easing African Travelling

Event Africa Contributor 05/10/2021 MKTE

UK Market with Kenya

The market outlook has drastically changed over the past couple of weeks, the UK in particular. They have been using a traffic light system with regards to the travel restrictions. The colours being red, amber and green. In the past few months, Kenya has been red-listed which means anyone travelling from Kenya to the UK would have to partake in a mandatory hotel quarantine. However, Kenya has been removed from the red list which is amazing news for UK travellers and the UK even changed its restrictions. They removed their traffic light system and opted for a red category and a ‘rest of the world’ category. With Kenya being in the ‘rest of the world’ category, no quarantine measures need to take place for travellers between the two destinations.

Traveller Trends

A common trend in the European tourism industry is Europeans travelling within Europe. “What we were seeing was that bookings were picking up over the summer, but it was mostly for Europeans travelling within Europe. Which is actually quite typical for the European market,” says PC Agency’s Sarah Jackson. More positives that were mentioned in the webinar was that recent surveys reveals that up to 84% of people were enthusiastic about travel as they have always been. This shows that there is a definite interest in people wanting to travel. People are just waiting to see who makes the first step. Another obstacle preventing people from travelling is the guideline uncertainties revolving around travelling restrictions constantly changing.

The German and Irish systems are much more relaxed which provides much-needed freedom for travellers. Jackson hopes it will encourage people to be travelling a lot more. Something else that has been holding people back is the high cost of Covid-19 testing. Test prices can go up to eighty pounds per person so people take those expenses into account when planning their holiday. Jackson elaborates, “What we need to do is have really clear guidance from our government, in terms of, are the guidelines likely to change?” “Are these guidelines in place now”? People want clarity from the government with regards to restrictions so they can have ease of mind when enjoying their holiday. 

How trade has been affected

A furlough scheme has been put in place in Europe. Companies were able to put their workers on furlough and the government would contribute towards workers’ salaries. That led to a lot of people retaining their jobs.