Reigniting Africa – Investing in the African Traveller

Event Africa Contributor 05/10/2021 MKTE

Left – Alex Tunoi – Regional Marketing Manager (Africa)
Right – Jacqui Reynolds – Project Director (MKTE)

Africa is known for its adventurous offerings and beautiful travel destinations. This year at the Magical Kenya Travel Expo, Alex Tunoi; Regional Marketing Manager for Kenya Tourism Board, and Jacqui Reynolds, one of the Organisers for MKTE 2021 hosted a discussion on reigniting Africa as a key source market for Kenya.

“The number of Africans who are beginning to travel and appreciate travel is growing on a day-to-day basis,” says Alex Tunoi. In recent years, the African traveller has become more educated and tech-savvy, seeking a multipurpose travel experience by combing business and leisure.

In the last year and a half, we’ve seen many regions pivoting towards your domestic and regional travellers as the international borders were restricted, mentioned Jacqui Reynolds while asking Tunoi how Kenya has been attracting their local travellers.

“With the launch of Kenya’s Take A Break campaign, we were able to engage with our regional travellers who needed to take a break from their usual environment by marketing Kenya as the destination next door,” Tunoi responded.

Another key takeaway of the session to note is that African travellers are looking for accessibility. By using the existing and developing infrastructure Kenya is making sure that the destination is more affordable and accessible to the African traveller. “Creating all-around packages is key, where the traveller is able to easily be picked up and moved from the airport to their hotel and other places around the destination” added Alex Tunoi.

It is important to create a destination that has every experience available to any traveller; whether it be the business traveller looking to grow their business, couples on honeymoon, young souls looking for adventure, or a family looking to spend time together. Creating packages that allow travellers to connect to these experiences is what keeps Kenya being such a diverse and exhilarating travel destination. “It is all about investing in the African traveller,” says Alex Tunoi.

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