Inspire Africa Connect 2021

Event Africa Contributor 29/10/2021 Press Release

Africa Connect 2021 at Inspire Africa Connect

Created to help connect the continent, pool resources, and drive international exposure, Inspire Africa Connect launched their inaugural event in the beautiful wine lands region of South Africa. This innovative collaboration between Inspire Marketing and Branding international and Luxury Xclusives, The Luxury Network International along with their partners gave light to the business landscape that the Continent now finds herself in.

This year saw seven (7)2hour webinar sessions, each webinar session curated at different locations opened the channels of communication between consumers, business leaders and entrepreneurs from across the Continent. The results of which can already be seen as a beacon of hope in these testing times. By creating a single empowered platform for networking, collaboration, and inspiration, Inspire Africa Connect is changing the face of African business on the global stage.

The 7 uniquely African webinars hosted 36 innovative and industry-leading speakers from across the globe, shining a beacon from Africa to the world….and the view was one the world would have to stop to notice. Day one started with a warm welcome address by the Chairman of The Inspire Group, Mr. Yinka Abioye, where he shared with us all what each and every one of us needs to do to survive these tough times and to take advantage of the current levelled field globally so as to help Africa leap-frog in business, standards, and contribution to the world development.

The 1st webinar taking centre stage was on health and wellness, for both individuals and businesses. Keynote speaker Patricia Taylor (Founder Life Retreat) took the delegates into the finer points of managing a balance during turmoil. This themed series included tools to help manage physical and mental wellness at multiple levels.

The African Luxury Market was the theme for the 2nd one in the afternoon, spearheaded by a presentation from the Global CEO of The Luxury Network International, who revealed plans to launch additional branches of this hugely successful brand on the continent with South Africa being targeted for before the close of 2021. In addition to this exciting news, the incredible international shift toward African Art and investment was discussed giving hope to all present.

He was followed by a series of formidable young entrepreneurs with new strategies and insights into a new way of doing business. Small World Marketing (UK) rounded up with good insights on the work being done by various organizations to ensure the international markets are no longer held captive to this new normal, and what should be done to anticipate borders to be opened.

The first day of open conversations around African success was drawn to a close that afternoon with a third session focusing on Luxury Travel, Tourism and Hospitality. Johanna Makgalemele-Mukoki travel expert and Travel With Flair (TWF) CEO, delivered the keynote address outlining key factors for the industry to drive both on the political and practical fronts. This was followed by presentations from Botswana, the Netherlands, Maldives, the Taj Group South Africa and Rwanda,/DRC provided by brands that have managed to find growth despite the current global crisis … This webinar was packed from start to finish with exciting new concepts for tourism and the underlining fact that good execution is dependant on a flexible strategy.

This very full first day of intense discussion was made even more exciting with a touch of flair, compliments of the Kleinzalze wine tasting experience that reminded all present of what exactly the world was missing. This was also broadcast out to delegates and speakers who joined the final session.

On the back of a remarkable day one, the Connect crew and their guests moved to the Lourensford wine estate. It was here that day two started and delegates delved into the fourth session on African Art and investment. A riveting keynote address from the offices of Strauss &Co was well received especially considering they had just the week before broken the global auction record for a collection of wine. The webinar was hosted by The Art Curator, a gallery studio, and was closed with a masterclass in sculpting and one in Layered Art from two remarkable artists live and exclusively for the Africa Connect attendees.

Energy and Climate were listed for the last two webinars and thankfully so was a wine and chocolate pairing from the cellars of Lourensford. The live and interactive pairing was the perfect intermediatory enabling delegates and speakers to maintain their demeanour during what could easily have become boiling point topics. Keynote address for the energy sector by SandileSwana, the formidable businessman behind African Media Online, was beyond informative and really drove home the massive potential of the energy sector. This sparked a very candid discussion on the lesson’s history has given Africa and of a better way forward.

To close the day the last webinar – on Climate change- was opened with a passionate presentation by Enviroworks founder Elbi Bredenkamp. With years in the field, there was no questioning the message delivered especially as she was followed by an international panel on COP26moderated from Lagos, Nigeria by the distinguished Dr. Paul Abolo. This would seem out of place for a business initiative however when Canadian funding expert Paul Stevers detailed how much funding was readily available for the right climate action projects a definite stir could be felt in the audience. With all the delegates reassessing their stance the day was concluded.

Webinars for day three were consolidated into one powerhouse session on retail trends, fashion, jewellery, and leather. The keynote address was captivating, however, nothing this week so far had prepared anyone for what was to happen next. Luxury Xclusives Founder/ CEO, Grace Mumo, took this moment to reveal a global first, born out of an all-African collaboration. A virtual multi-faceted shopping experience, in stunning 8k became a reality …. One digital location to house Africa’s top brands and make them instantly available to the entire world…. a solution like no other…. While the news settled, African Jewellers Helen Viljoen the Founder & CEO (Nebu) and Zinhle (Zinni Designs) shed light on their respective developments and the innovations that have made it possible for both companies to have risen onto the global stage. On this high note, the webinar and the series may have drawn to a close, but the conversations and innovations had only started.

The 3-day webinars were closed with a great show of gratitude by the Chairman of The Inspire Group, Mr Yinka Abioye, who thanked everyone involved and promised that Inspire Africa Connect was ready to deliver the greatest of business networking, trade and exploring experience Africa Connect022.

When undertaking a project of this magnitude there are many moving parts. It is due to the incredible partnerships we have built leading up to and because of the 2021 experience that now allows for 2022 to be exponentially bigger. Inspire Africa Connect 2022 will be a full 10-day experience with on the ground interactions, tailored networking opportunities, live and virtual seminars and of course the best of African hospitalities. Engage with the team to become part of a new African narrative.