Business for SA Launches Vaccine Registration Drive

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Getting everyone over 60 years old to register by mid-May: an appeal to professional athletes, sports federations and the entertainment and events industries.

People in the sporting, entertainment and events industries are undoubtedly amongst those hardest hit by the prevention measures implemented to limit the spread of COVID-19. The vaccine is the single most powerful solution to save lives, reduce hospitalisations and mitigate the effects of the pandemic. Widespread vaccination is the country’s best chance at reaching herd immunity and being able to fully reopen the economy. We therefore need a concerted effort to spread the message to encourage people to register and receive the COVID-19 vaccine –
and to create a sense of urgency and optimism around this.

Accelerating the vaccine rollout is critical to supporting the ability for sports matches, concerts and events to resume. Sporting bodies, entertainment companies, athletes and artists are in a powerful position to talk genuinely about how important it is for people to get the vaccine – because the sooner this happens, the sooner spectators will be able to return to stadiums, concerts and events.

The vaccination programme opens to the public on 17 May providing access for those over 60 years of age to be vaccinated. The critical focus for the country right now is to get everyone over 60 years old to register on the
National Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS). These registrations will form a virtual queue by categorising citizens by age according to the national prioritisation framework and will then schedule citizens at vaccination sites when it’s their turn to be vaccinated.

B4SA is supporting government on an urgent drive to get 5 million registrations by 17 May. We cannot afford for everyone to wait to register as we will lose critical time to prepare – every day with fewer people vaccinated means members of our family at risk of contracting COVID and falling seriously ill or dying.

Our appeal to all sporting codes, individual athletes, artists, actors, events and entertainment companies

Lend your organisational and individual voices to creating awareness around the need for over 60s to register on the national EVDS for their vaccine. How can you help? Organisations, sporting federations and affiliated events companies:

  • Create your own video explaining how easy it is to register / or why it is important for everyone to help those over 60 to register, and share it widely on your social media accounts.
  • Use the material from B4SA to post on your federation/company social media accounts (or repost from the B4SA handle)
  • Ask your constituents (athletes, artists etc.) to support the campaign in their personal capacity – by posting the message on their own social media handles.
  • Let us know if you are willing to be interviewed on radio (we will support with messaging and coordination)

Individual athletes, artists:

  • Share the message over Whatsapp with your immediate community
  • Make yourself available to talk on radio or TV about the need for everyone to register
  • Post on your personal social media accounts

Key messages and material

Registration for the COVID-19 vaccine is open for everyone 60 years and older. If you’re over 60, register today at, it’s free.

If you are younger than 60, play your part, help everyone you know over 60 to register for their vaccine on EVDS.

When it’s my turn, I’m going to register to get vaccinated!

It takes less than 4 minutes, all you need internet access, ID or passport number of the person you are registering, their cellphone number and home address.

#StaySafe #IChooseVaccination

** Supporting material to use on social media (and other communication channels) will be available by 10 May.