See Seychelles with Event Africa’s Lance Gibbons

Event Africa Contributor 02/12/2020 Uncategorized

It takes nothing short of bravery to travel in these troubled times, and our intrepid Publisher Lance Gibbons has volunteered to test the waters of Seychelles (pun intended) to find out what exciting tourism and business events prospects lie in store for 2021. Lance shares some personal notes on his first flight out of SA since the lockdown, as well as his arrival in Seychelles.

I never thought the day would come, but here I am ready to travel the world again. This being the new world order of travel.

After the rather rigid and uncomfortable COVID-19 traveller testing protocols, which I now understand better than ever after having to repeat my test twice! This was due to being so overzealous to get myself tested that I was tested too early and therefore had to repeat the awful experience. Be sure that you are tested exactly 72 hours prior to departure and NOT one hour sooner. My experience can only get better from here…

Destination Seychelles

I’ve not visited Seychelles before and have only seen those dreamy beach scenes in commercials, images so romantic that even the most mucho of guys seem to fall in love with the place.

Well, let’s go see! Join me for this destination experience as I talk about the COVID-19 firewalls that attempt to squash our inner travel bugs. I know these protocols will not take away from this idyllic island experience, so let’s explore and discover.

Ask me questions and I’ll try to answer them, travel with me and let’s find out what travel looks like post-COVID-19. Time to head for the airport. Just a few more protocols and then take off.

Arrival in Paradise

Day one in paradise, and the view from my room at Eden Bleu Hotel, in the centre of Eden Bay, is absolutely gorgeous. Seychelles are definitely starting to open up for visitors, although it is extremely ghost-townish at the moment, much like the airports.

Protocols are strict and extremely well adhered to, from the air hostesses to arrivals at immigration to our transfer. It’s a dedicated conspiracy to make sure safety is a revolution.

Important side note: have your Travel Advisory Letter in hand when checking in for your flight. Nothing happens without this at a cost of EURO 45, and it takes a minimum of six hours to obtain.

Eden Bleu Hotel, however, is incredible. That said, Wifi is not free but vouchers available on check-in. The Eden Bay area is where you will find catamarans and big game charters. Big game fishing is a big drawcard for many South Africans. The flight was full of excited big game fishermen.
The weather is sublime, and the village clean, neat and to island-chic perfection.

Looking forward to exploring Eden Bay and later this afternoon a Cat Cocos ferry across to Praslin Island. Stay tuned.

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