Event Safety Council Launches Protocols

Event Africa Contributor 17/06/2020 COVID-19

Face-to-face meetings will look different in the future.

The Event Safety Council, powered by SACIA, has launched industry guidelines with the aim and scope of providing COVID-19 processes and protocols for those planning and hosting an organised gathering in South Africa.

The South African event community understands that gatherings have a direct effect on the transmission of COVID-19 from person to person. By developing and adopting best practise guidelines throughout the events industry as a whole, SACIA believes that they will assist both the government and the public in the protection of people from the spread of the virus at events.

“We are confident that the Re-Opening Guidelines will provide for a health and safety prevention framework for event organisers in assessing its current public health capabilities and meeting the requirements for enhancing health practices in terms of preventing and responding to COVID-19,” the opening statement says. “This framework provides considerations to be taken into account when establishing plans, processes and structures for managing incidents that threaten health and safety. Regardless of the size, nature and complexity of the event and venue, these Guidelines provide planning resources to assist in improving health protection, preparedness planning, prevention, detection, contract tracing and control of public health threats.”

As of yet, a maximum of 50 people are allowed to gather under extreme circumstances, however, people are discouraged from attending any live events as of yet to avoid the unnecessary spread of COVID-19.