Tourism Industry Survey of South Africa: COVID-19

Event Africa Contributor 14/05/2020 Awards

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Tourism is one of South Africa’s most important sectors. Last year we received 10.4 million international tourism trips and tourism saw a total injection of R273.2 billion into the South African economy in 2018.1 Tourism supports 740,000 direct jobs and over 1.5 million jobs across the economy.

The sector is the lifeblood for many micro and small enterprises, often the only economic activity in rural and remote areas, and creates employment opportunities for men, women and youth across the country. We are going through an unprecedented crisis, and there is an urgent need to support our existing industry and plan for longer-term recovery.

This survey is a collaboration between IFC, Department of Tourism, and TBCSA and all its member associations. It aims to quantify the extent of the impact of COVID-19, how effective the support has been, and what kind of help is still required. We will survey the industry three times in total over the next 12 months to track progress.

The key findings have been published on the partner’s platforms and shared widely with key decision-makers in government, financial institutions and development partners. We hope these insights can inform the effective design of policy and support to your business.