SA Travel Bloggers Launch Platform in Aid of Local Tourism

Event Africa Contributor 22/05/2020 COVID-19

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South African travel writers, Di Brown aka The Roaming Giraffe and Ryan Enslin famed for My Lime Boots, have launched an innovative online platform called Virtual Bucket List.Guru, which seeks to contribute towards the medium to long term recovery of the South African domestic tourism industry.
SA travel bloggers launch platform in aid of local tourism

“We all love to travel, eat out, explore our cities and enjoy a little pampering. Virtual Bucket List.Guru curates a collection of special offers for these experiences at seriously discounted rates; enabling the consumer to enjoy an unforgettable experience post-COVID-19,” explains Enslin, a passionate Joburger at heart.

Ranging from local and international travel to lifestyle-orientated content, what counts the most to these two gurus is the environment, conservation, and the community.

Enslin started his travel writing career as a chartered accountant, but soon realised the world of exploring and story-telling held his attention. Having changed direction some nine years ago, today he is an avid writer, photographer and videographer with many an exciting story so vividly and creatively shared with his followers.

Tourism is such a vital part of our economy and responsible for so many jobs.

Brown lives in Cape Town and started her career in the late 70s as an aeronautical cartographer. She fell in love with the tourism industry in 2000 when she started a mapping business catering to the tourism market. In 2013, Brown took the leap and created a profile on Twitter, started The Roaming Giraffe blog, and the rest is history. It is said that ‘dynamite comes in small packages’, which is indeed the case of this very dynamic and professional woman.

“Tourism is such a vital part of our economy and responsible for so many jobs. I want to provide hope and get people back to working and earning as fast as possible. I also believe domestic tourism has the potential for tremendous growth, and now is the perfect time to grow it,” explains Brown enthusiastically.

Tourism products on offer

Well known tourism products such as Thanda Safari in Zululand, Tintswalo Lodges walking safaris, Samara Private Game Reserve and Sanbona Wildlife Reserve in the Great Karoo, have already committed to the new venture, some offering as much as a 50% discount off their standard rates. A range of non-travel related offers is also available to consumers, such as discounts on wedding and other photography packages from Expressions Photography, or tickets to The Long March to Freedom exhibit in Cape Town.

“The offers continue to come in daily,” says Enslin. “The most important point being that it is a win/win for both the tour operator and the consumer; as no money changes hands until the experience is enjoyed.”