A Message from Event Greening Forum Chairperson – Greg McManus

Event Africa Contributor 14/04/2020 Best Practices

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If you opened this email hoping for some news that isn’t about the coronavirus crisis, I am sorry – it is largely all we can think about these days, especially as its impact on the business events industry has been so profound.

This has led us to wonder what effect it will have on the future and the sustainability of our sector. Here are a few thoughts:

  1. Worldwide lockdowns have halted whole industries, which has led to a drop in carbon emissions. We emphatically do not believe that lockdowns are a positive mechanism to stave off global warming, but they have shown two things: 
    • Our actions have an immediate impact on our environment. What we do matters.
    • We are capable of pulling together for our collective benefit. If we can do this against a virus, we can do it against the far greater threat of climate change.
  2. We need to urgently commit to sustainable business practices. The coronavirus has (hopefully) reminded us that we are not invulnerable. One of the risks of climate change is the emergence of more deadly pathogens and a greater frequency of pandemics. It is our obligation to avoid this outcome to the best of our abilities.
  3. We believe the events industry is going to play a critical role in helping rebuild other industries once restrictions are lifted. Events are one of the most effective ways for businesses to gain new partners, clients, suppliers, and even ideas. We need to be prepared for this.
  4. How can you ready your business for the end of lockdown? We encourage you to use this time to consider how you will restart your business, and if it will be the same business. 

As challenging at the coronvirus crisis is, it is also an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Many of our members are exploring new ideas and pushing their creativity. Please read their stories below for inspiration.

As we head into an extended lockdown, we at the EGF wish you well. Stay optimistic, stay home and stay safe!