Message from Greg McManus, EGF Chairperson

Event Africa Contributor 05/03/2020 Best Practices

2020 has been off to a busy start for the Event Greening Forum; We hosted free event greening training in three cities; held our AGM (if you missed it, you can read the Chairman’s Report here); launched our Sustainable Event Certification programme (read about it here); and announced that our 2020 Conference and Master Class will be held in Cape Town, which is a first! 

We have also launched our new-look website, which we hope you are enjoying. A few people have struggled to load the new site. If this happens, please refresh your browser. If the problem persists, please let us know.

To our members – please don’t forget to check that your complimentary listings are up to date, for both our website and our Green Database. If you would like to make changes, send an email to or respectively.

We would also love to share your green event news and achievements on our new site and social media. So in line with our top tip this month, tell us about them, by sending an email to