Continued Learning, Fad or Trend?

Event Africa Contributor 26/07/2019 Industry News
SAACI Rudi van der Vyver Event

Written by Rudi van Der Vyver, Former CEO of SAACI

This article was first featured in Issue 3 of Event Africa.

Education and learning remain a focal point not only for SAACI as the industry body but also for any of our members truly wanting to be the best at what they do and raise their company to stand out above the sea of organisers and suppliers offering services to business-events clients.

When we refer to continued learning, we are really driving the concept of staying up to date on current and new industry developments, not only from a trends perspective but also from a best practices point of view. This is absolutely crucial in a fast-changing, highly competitive and creative industry landscape. By making this investment in yourself, your staff and organically in your company, you are providing your business with that pedestal to raise your brand above the rest from a marketing perspective and from a knowledge and expertise point of view, which carries much more weight than just marketing speak.

This continued development also reduces staff attrition, as they feel more valued and stimulated in their daily jobs and it also provides a constant feeling of growth.

As the quote goes, “What happens if we invest in developing people and they leave us? What happens if we don’t and they stay?”

This is something to seriously consider when looking at the investment we make in our own development as well as that of our respective teams. One way of ‘forcing’ our industry players to continue with their learning is utilising CPD (Continued Professional Development) programmes. This is underpinned by the concept of having to adhere to certain pre-set CPD requirements in order to recertify oneself as a professional within a specific field. With SAACI as a founding member of CEPA (Council of Events Professionals Africa) we are driving exactly this concept to ensure that as per any truly professional environment, continued learning and development is no longer just an option but rather a requirement for certification and then, in turn, accreditation. This is, however, not a new concept at all as the CPD structure has been successfully used in various other professional industries such as healthcare, legal and accounting professions.

In following suit with driving the professionalisation of the business events industry across Africa, we fully endorse the continued learning concept and would encourage our members to institute internal training and self-development policies within their company to encourage the same for staff to benefit themselves in their career growth, and, in turn, reap the rewards this will produce for the company by positioning your brand as true experts within the field.

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