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Event Africa Contributor 26/07/2019 Industry News
AfSAE Partners with Event Africa Meetings Africa

The African Society of Association Executives has chosen the Event Africa as their official journal for association development across the continent.

This article was first featured in Issue 3 of Event Africa.

In a landmark event, the African Society of Association Executives (AfSAE) has partnered with Event Africa to bring a plethora of knowledge to their members and stakeholders.

The partnership, which has been launched with the third issue of Event Africa as the ‘official publication of AfSAE’, will see Event Africa distributed to thousands of association executives across the continent. AfSAE will have a special segment in four of the six bi-monthly issues of Event Africa dedicated solely to the needs of African association secretariats.

Content will cover topics like how to leverage membership or content for conferences, new research in this field, centres of excellence, and knowledge specific to the development and infrastructure of the association business potential in Africa.

It will also look at how associations are drivers for economic and socio-economic impacts on a community, a specific industry or profession, destination, and country. The content within these pages will have a three-pronged approach:

  • A focus on training and development, as well as capacity building
  • Successes, case studies and upcoming events to diarise
  • Prospecting opportunities for suppliers, and unpacking supplier services to secretariats.

Both AfSAE executives and Event Africa are excited for the future of the publication in catering to and assisting in the development of association business across Africa.

Jeffers Miruka, President of AfSAE, commented:

“Lance and the team at Event Africa share our vision of the enormous opportunity associations and societies represent for the growth and transformation across Africa. Their reach and mindset is truly Pan-African which is important to us as a partner. We look forward to our work together to advance African Associations!”

“The Event Africa has long been the industry’s leading business events publication, but with this historic partnership we believe we will be able to not only assist in association capacity building and knowledge sharing as thought leaders for our industry, but we will also be assisting in the growth of the wider business events sector,”

says Lance Gibbons, Publisher of the Event Africa.

“Associations across the continent are budding flowers of potential just waiting to be discovered, and we are delighted to be part of this growth through our strategic partnership with AfSAE.”

In addition to bi-monthly issues of the Event Africa reaching 4000+ AFSAE association executives, members will also receive regular newsletters with updated information and news from the association industry across the continent and internationally.

Members are invited to send their association events and movements to the editor of Event Africa for consideration in the publication, as well as their own news and success stories they would like to share.

Editorial contributions can be sent to

For more information on the partnership, contact Rabongo Smith on

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