Tech Frustations and the Pitfalls to Watch Out For

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We’ve all been there, very excited tackling the project of having a new website built to better serve our clients, make our operations more efficient and create an overall greater and more valuable experience for our clients only then to be stuck with delays, briefs being missed and internal frustrations with having to plug holes in terms of service delivery to our clients.

Written by Rudi Van Der Vyver, Chief Executive Officer at SAACI

This article was first featured in Issue 2 of Event Africa.

Technology suppliers, specifically website developers seems to be a dime a dozen, with advertising everywhere of cost effective or even ‘cheap’ websites. Although this has become a service that is now easily accessible to all business owners, I would not be doing anyone any favours if I didn’t point out the potential pitfalls to watch out for.

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So, let’s look at a few considerations to be taken into account;

  • Always do your homework as with any supplier and make sure to check not only the company profile and samples sent but go to the “live” websites developed by your shortlisted candidates.
  • Look out for a similar design theme to what you have in mind for you and your clients and always keep top of mind what your main objective with the platform should be. A website should always be functional and create value in whatever shape or form you require this value to be.
  • As another crucial element, your quote should be provided with clear timeline and deliverables from both parties, as the developers would be reliant on you or your marketing supplier to provide content for the framework, thus there are always deliverables and requirements from both parties in the agreement.
  • Lastly from a professionalism point of view, as per our own industry, technology providers and specifically website developers also have various industry associations and bodies, governing not only the ethics but the quality of work within this space. As we drive clients within the business events industry to look out for that association stamp of approval, I implore you to do the same when working within other industries like this. Some of the association memberships to look out for would be Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) and the Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa (IITPSA).

At SAACI we have members who operate within this sub sector and are not only adhering to the standards imposed by the afore mentioned bodies but are also bound by the SAACI code of conduct, thus they are guided to professionalism in all dealings with our other members and the industry. This already reduces your risk when looking at contracting with a member as your supplier. To find details on our technology members visit our website on or contact our head office on and 011 880 5883.

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