Creativity and Design are Vital to Exhibition Stand Success

Event Africa Contributor 21/06/2019 Stand Design

Ever wondered why visitors gravitate towards certain stands and not others?

Written by Leatitia van Straten, Chairperson of AAXO.

This article was first featured in Issue 2 of Event Africa.

It has to do with the clever design of the stand! (And sometimes an incentive to go there, like the free coffee.) It takes real talent and creativity to design an exhibition stand that meets the clients’ objectives, is practical and looks good. But some stands just have that something extra that attracts visitors like bees to honey; gravitating towards something friendly or inviting. This can be achieved through the artful use of design, colour, props and products on display.

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These tools subconsciously trigger certain associations and reactions. By incorporating pastels or neutral shades, you can replicate a feeling of calmness (think bedrooms, living rooms, etc).

For a business stand, dark blue implies trust, and is prevalent in especially the finance, security and health sectors. Warmer colours like red and orange engage a visitor’s excitement and energy and are often used in entertainment and sports.

Essentially, your stand should represent your brand. Therefore to have an amazing stand, spend a little more time planning with your design team and get the use of design and colour just right to meet your objectives.

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Picture: The South African Tourism stand at Africa’s Travel Indaba 2018 created by BluCube. Find out more: Three Business Events Leaders Ahead of the Curve

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