CEO’s Take a Seat to Help Raise Funds for Little Eden

Event Africa Contributor 26/04/2019 Industry Association News
Little Eden CEO Wheelchair Campaign Event Africa

Compassionate leaders are taking the workforce by storm. Supporting humanitarian organisations and actively participating in charitable events help to band the workforce together with a positive mission.

This leads to increased energy and boosts moods, which in turn leads to better productivity and workplace morale.

CEO’s and business leaders are effectively taking on their responsibilities and rising to the current global challenge of human rights awareness by participating in charitable events. One such event is the Little Eden Society CEO Wheelchair Campaign, run throughout March in support of National Profound Intellectual Disability Month.

To participate, CEO’s donated R50 000 (R30 000 for smaller organisations) towards the cause and agreed to spend any day in March in a wheelchair at their place of work. Little Eden Society cares for 300 residents with profound intellectual disability (PID), which often leaves the residents wheelchair-bound.

When these top leaders were questioned as to why they decided to participate and/or support this cause, they responded with overwhelming empathy for Little Eden’s residents and caregivers alike.

At the official launch event for the CEO Wheelchair Campaign, Nene Molefi, CEO of Mandate Molefi, stated that she asks herself every day; “I am a woman, I am a CEO, what can I do with my position to give back? Thank you, Little Eden, we are a part of you.”

“We at Kärcher decided to donate a wheelchair to the CEO Wheelchair Campaign as we believe that a wheelchair helps people who are unable to walk due to profound intellectual disability become mobile, which in turn enables them to live a better lifestyle.”

Blaine Carstens, CEO, Kärcher

“It was simple for us, we exist to be a light in the world. We wanted to be a light in some way to the angels at Little Eden.”

Tumi Hlongwane, Founder and Executive Director, Mohau Capital;

“One of the most humbling things I have ever done was to spend a day in a wheelchair… It makes you realise what living with disabilities is like and it takes just a few hours to humble you and change your perceptions forever. I plan to do it every year. Little Eden does remarkable work and it is an honour to be part of supporting them in their crucial work.”

Adrian Gore, CEO, Discovery Ltd

“Thank you for having an initiative such as this… I was surprised at the ache in my body after spending a day in a wheelchair, but this obviously made me realise the discomfort that comes with being required to spend one’s life in one. Personally, I am very happy to have participated in this event, firstly to assist a very good cause and secondly for the snapshot it gave into the plight of those in a wheelchair permanently. Thank you again for the opportunity and the great work Little Eden does for society.”

Michael Vieira Cardoso, CEO, Flender (Pty) Ltd

Doug Boake of Boake Incorporated, and Chairman of Little Eden, also participated. He was joined by six other staff members from Boake Incorporated and concluded; “Our firm accepted the challenge to experience what sitting in a wheelchair was like. It was a sobering time to reflect on the daily challenges faced by the residents of Little Eden, many of whom spend their entire day in a wheelchair. Over the years it has been heart-warming and inspiring for me to personally witness how determined and resourceful handicapped men, women and children rise up to meet the challenges. It is true what Nelson Mandela said to Domitilla and Danny Hyams when he paid a surprise visit to Little Eden ‘You are the people that will change South Africa’.”

Due to the level of care, therapy and attention required as a result of PID, the cost to care for each resident is approximately R12 500 per month. The 2019 CEO Wheelchair Campaign was a resounding success. With the participation of 14 CEO’s, Little Eden raised over half a million Rand.

In support of the campaign, Little Eden CEO, Xelda Rohrbeck also participated, raising over R15 000 in special donations. “We are very grateful to the participants in the Campaign, as well as those who made these special donations. These much-needed funds will go a long way to ensure we maintain the excellent level of care that our residents are accustomed to,” concludes Rohrbeck. “Plans for the 2020 Campaign have already been set in motion – with the commitment of many CEO’s to participate annually.”