Prague Congress Centre Goes Sustainable

Event Africa Contributor 11/12/2018 Industry Events

More than 60% of waste was saved at the first completely sustainable event which took place at the Prague Congress Centre (PCC) for which they were awarded the Top Responsible Company Award.

The event was organised by Byznys pro společnost in cooperation with Zátiší Catering and the PCC.

The scene, decorations and refreshments were made in accordance with the zero-waste idea, e.g. without fancy decoration, only handmade from natural, reusable or already recycled materials. Additional event branding has been displayed on the digital navigation system via LED screens, of which there are over 190 in the PCC. This enabled the elimination of using a lot of paper. The whole event was impressively yet ecologically illuminated by LED lights that not only look amazing but also allow fluent light intensity control.

Catering was prepared in the same spirit. The tasteful experience was delivered by magical combinations of local fresh products. Refreshments were served in biodegradable containers, with only one dining set available for each participant. Remaining food was offered to the PCC community fridge so all employees could taste and support the value of the zero-waste concept, not letting the work of their colleagues go down the drain. The community fridge project was launched together with Zátiší Catering in September 2018 and successfully helps to reduce waste of food and raise awareness of sustainable development thanks to the infographics placed on the door of the fridge. Another important step towards improving the ecological mindset of the PCC is waste sorting and turning to water dispensers instead of packaged water.

Award-winning companies in recent years have shown that it is not only good to benefit from what we have on Earth but also to try to leave something for the next generations. “The opportunity to host responsible companies has been a great occasion for the PCC to show that even congresses, conferences and corporate events can be organized with respect to the environment,” says the CEO of the Prague Congress Centre, Roman Ray Straub.

Being located directly next to the metro station, the Prague Congress Centre is perfectly accessible by public transportation allowing the participants to easily reduce their carbon footprint. Nowadays, business carries important values and the Top Responsible Company Award rewards the environmentally conscious companies and encourages their mutual inspiration in both smaller and larger projects. The Prague Congress Centre has been focusing on increasing the sustainable operation of the building and thereby reducing the environmental repercussions of events.

Thanks to a large reconstruction in 2016 – 2017, the modern technologies that replaced older fittings annually save 11,353 m3 of water (3 Olympic pools), 9,740,945 kWh of electricity (annual consumption of 5,019 households) and 726 tonnes of CO2 per year, which would take one year for 33,456 trees to absorb.