MKTE 2018 Market Presentation Platform: India

Event Africa Contributor 03/10/2018 Industry Events
mkte 2018

Day 1 of Magical Kenya Travel Expo 2018 saw the launch of the new feature, Market Presentation Platforms. The inaugural educational sessions unpacked both the US and Chinese Markets and today the sessions explore the African and Indian Markets.

India is the second fastest outbound growth market, 4.21% of arrivals to Africa are Indian (462,411/10,984,759), and the most popular destinations are Asia and the Middle-East. Kenya receives 13% of Africa’s share of Indian arrivals.
India has 68 million passport holders 5.15% and is third after China and the USA. 67% of all passport applications were by women (2015) and 66% are aged 19 – 45 years. Travelling Indians popularly hail from Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka & Kerala.
India has the fastest growing G20 economy and is poised to be the World’s fifth largest economy in Dollars terms. Popular reasons for travel include honeymoons, the growth of disposable income for females (group or solo travel), urge to go on safaris, attendance on MICE functions and the fact that 34 million Indians are highly-educated and simply wish to explore the world.
Kenyan Tourism Selling Points and Opportunities
  • Kenya offers authentic, diverse and exotic wildlife, bountiful nature, rich cultural and heritage experiences, relaxation resorts at the coast and urban experiences in the city.
  • Hassle free visa and EA visa
  • Direct flights by KQ from Mumbai and Delhi
  • Vegetarian cuisine in tourist areas
  • Facilities cater for luxury clientele in urban hotels and bush resorts
  • Presence of active Indian community in Kenya
  • Incentive/MICE: 10th largest market spending US$22 billion and growing by 13.5% year-on-year
  • Increasing disposable incomes
  • Profiled consumer motivation and interests fit with Kenya
  • Increasing usage of internet for work, entertainment and social media
  • Shorter travel planning period and increasing online
  • Good flight connectivity within India

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