Improving Lives of African Children: SADC Business Forum

Event Africa Contributor 19/10/2018 Industry Association News
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SADC Business Forum as a business organisation is born out of a need to contribute meaningfully to the shared prosperity of the SADC Region and the continent as a whole.

The Forum, as an intergenerational platform is operated with counsel from elders by the youth, for the youth with the ultimate objective of improving the life of an African child.

The primary aim is to create platforms for the youth, in particular entrepreneurs, unemployed graduates and youth with disabilities. Mainstreaming of issues affecting women entrepreneurs through intergenerational training and mentoring is one of the major focus areas of the forum. These initiatives are to foster collaborations in business in a quest to grow cross-border partnerships and thus contribute to economic growth in the region.

To achieve this we have come up with programmes such as capacitation/training/skilling of targeted groups on enterprise development and leadership. Reskilled unemployed graduates are to form a cohort for peer to peer training and mentoring. To drive and achieve economic development programmes, the Forum will facilitate access to resources including the funding and management of Corporate Social Investment (CSI) to benefit participants. This will form a basis for the targeted groups to nurture intra-regional business, academic and professional working relationships and partnerships, to build a strong regional network and to be a platform for quality assured uniform standards.

Further collaboration positive spin-offs include the stimulation of the regional tourism economy, cultural exchanges and networks.

One of our key partners is Freedom Park which serves as an interaction and a resource centre for regional youth to dialogue and exchange knowledge on the significance of our history as a region.

A key deliverable that has necessitated this press release is the profiling of a SADC country at a time, presenting economic opportunities that are available in that country to the business community and the youth in collaboration with Embassies and High Commissions in the region.

The inaugural profiling will be of a member state, the Republic of Zambia on the 10th and 11th October 2018 at Freedom Park (Republic of South Africa) and in Zambia on the 25-27th October 2018. The impetus of the profiling is the honouring and having a public lecture by the first sitting President of the Republic of Zambia, Dr Kenneth Kaunda. Other programme highlights include the Tourism, Trade and Investment Conference and the Presidential Golf Day in Zambia.

For more information, visit the SADC Business Forum’s website.