Western Cape Rain Renews Hopes of MICE Venues

Event Africa Contributor 03/07/2018 Industry News

Dams supplying water to Cape Town have risen significantly and consistently, putting the region in a stronger position compared with winter last year. Provided that adequate water restrictions are maintained, the City of Cape Town is confident that there will be no prospect of reaching ‘Day Zero’ in 2019.

On Thursday (June 28), total dam storage capacity was just over 43%, with two more months of expected winter rainfall to come. Over the last few months, collective water usage has been around 520 million litres per day.

The City’s Executive Deputy Mayor, Alderman Ian Neilson says: “Having analysed this new data, we are now in a position to state that not only have we managed to avoid Day Zero this year, but we will also safely get through summer in 2019.”

Neilson attributed this to the amount of water already in the dams, the intense water demand management programmes, unrelenting communication, awareness and the behavioural change over the past two years, as well as the continued support of Team Cape town.

Conference venues and hotels contacted by TAM confirmed that they had already seen a slight increase in both travel and interest for later in the year. Karen Willis, reservations manager at Calders Hotel and Conference Centre said: “There have been some enquiries already. And considering the season, we are hopeful that things will improve.”

While the City of Cape Town hopes to reduce the current restrictions in the near future, and the tariffs associated with them, the decision is dependent on National Government relaxing restrictions on releases from the water supply system.

Source: tam.co.za