SAACI Congress 2018 Puts Sustainability First

Event Africa Contributor 16/07/2018 Industry Association News

SAACI has upped its sustainability game by incorporating a sustainability plan for this year’s Congress and beyond.

It’s that time of the year again, and we are gearing up for the SAACI 2018 Congress! The Congress will be held at Misty Hills in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 29 -31 July 2018, and will be greener than ever before.

The sustainability plan, set up by Zoe van Niekerk, who sits on the SAACI 2018 Congress Local Organising Committee (LOC), has helped raise the bar. She says, “SAACI is a founding member of the Event Greening Forum, so it’s important for the association to lead by example.  Events as we know, have a huge impact on the environment, which is why we have to do what we can, wherever we can.”

There is a huge misconception that sustainability has to cost more, and as the sustainability session will highlight, this is not always the case. Through careful planning and by including sustainability as an agenda item from the get-go the SAACI LOC has been able to get the buy-in from major event partners and suppliers which has helped to ensure that their efforts do not go unrecognised.

The SAACI LOC is very excited by some of the initiatives that they have included into this year’s Congress. “Without taking too much of the intrigue away we have taken some of the simplest ideas, and well, simply activated them,” adds van Niekerk. One of the activities that delegates can look forward to is the pedal power smoothie challenge (aka good clean energy), courtesy of BlendaVenda. We all know that fossil fuels and coal are non-renewable energy sources which have a major impact on the environment, the economy and our health. However, sustainable sources like solar, wind power or in SAACI’s case, pedal power, have a positive impact on the environment and our physical health and wellbeing.

Likewise, by choosing a venue that already has a strong focus on sustainability will aid the SAACI LOC in ensuring that their sustainability objectives for the event are met. Misty Hills Country Hotel and Spa, the host venue for the Congress, have several policies already in place such as recycling stations around the venue, sustainable menu options and carbon offset programmes which are included into their conference packages. In light of SAACI’s commitment to hosting a green event, they have gone one step further and sourced eco-friendly handwash, lotions and shampoos for delegates for the duration of the Congress. Furthermore, they are looking at continuing this initiative even after the Congress has ended – how cool?

SAACI cannot wait to share their sustainability journey with you later this month. This year’s programme is also jam-packed with topics around creating and cultivating healthy organisational cultures, learning from the best of the best in the entrepreneurship, technology and digital events sessions to finding out how a crisis can work in your favour – can you afford not to be there?  To book or for information about the Congress visit or contact Ripcord Promotions on