Meet the SAACI 2018 Congress Chair

Event Africa Contributor 25/06/2018 Industry Association News

Moses Gontai, a well-versed conference organiser, has a passion for entrepreneurship and the business events industry. He is an emerging leader with many years of professional experience.

Mr Gontai is the managing director of Namanje Events Solutions, a wholly black-owned Professional Conference Organiser (PCO).

Q&A with Moses Gontai:

What can members expect from this year’s congress?

Our congress committee has been hard at work developing an educational, inspiring and informative programme. The congress committee members are events professionals from across all sectors of our industry, who are also SAACI members. Members can rest assured that when this programme was designed, the committee had their best interests at heart, because they know and understand the needs and objectives of their fellow members, colleagues and the industry audience at large. Click here to see the programme.

Why should members attend?

The SAACI 2018 Congress will offer members opportunities to learn and connect with each other. This flagship event only comes once a year, so members need to take advantage of this opportunity. Industry professionals will converge under one roof for two days to learn, share information and network. This platform has the potential to give birth to strategic alliances and collaborations for huge projects.

What’s more exciting is the design of the entire congress, which is centred on the theme “It takes a Village”. We are taking it back and doing it the traditional way – storytelling will be the order of the two days. Click here and register to attend the congress to hear villagers, izinduna (captains of the industry) and izimboni (motivational speakers) imparting their wisdom, learnings and experience through inspiring legotlas and ignite sessions.

How are you feeling about the congress?

I’m so excited and looking forward to learn, network and get inspired. What also makes me excited is the fact that I personally contributed to the industry through my involvement as the SAACI 2018 Congress chair.

I have booked for the 2018 SAACI Congress, have you? Book now by clicking on this link SAACI 2018.