Creating Experiences – A Career in Event Management

Event Africa Contributor 27/06/2018 Best Practices

Ever wanted to know what a career in event management is like? Many people think that it’s all about flower arrangements, sending out invites and organising cupcake stands.

They couldn’t be more wrong, according to Roxana Ravjee, Managing Director of In Real Life. “We are not party planners nor are we reservation makers, what we are is logistics experts, master negotiators, venue make-overs, and the human touch in a digital world. Our role is also to be strategic partners to the blue-chip brands that we work with,” she explains.

Ravjee stresses that events are tangible connection points with consumers and stakeholders. “The events that we create are critical meeting points where brands can engage with their target audience, express their personality and really come to life right before the guests’ eyes.”

Choosing a life in event management is a career in selling experiences to clients, says Ravjee. She firmly believes that Millennials are perfectly suited to a life in the event management industry.

“I really enjoy working with Millennials and I employ a lot of them in my company because as a generation they are more focused on social media and future trends. This enables them to keep their finger on the pulse of tech innovation, which allows them to offer our clients new and innovative experiences. They challenge the norm and this becomes exciting when creating an event,” she explains.

What advice does Ravjee have for young individuals who are considering event management as a career? A sharp eye for detail, an almost obsessive-compulsive attitude and an ability to tap into their creativity and come up with fabulous ideas for even more fabulous events.

“This career challenges you at every turn, and it allows you to see the immediate success of all your hard work as the event comes alive in front of your eyes. You have one chance to get it right after spending weeks working towards an event that only lasts a few hours. It pushes you harder but allows your creativity to flourish. Each day is different which ensures that you are always being challenged,” she says.

Also, Ravjee suggests a qualification in one of the below:

  • Event Management;
  • Project management;
  • Public Relations.

What does it take to succeed?

“Event management is usually something that comes naturally to certain people. You need to be able to walk into a room and be able to envision what the event will look like. You also need determination and a can-do attitude to ensure your vision becomes a reality. You also need excellent communication skills, because it is essential to work closely with your client and understand their needs and translate those needs into an experience they and their audience will never forget,” she concludes.