Century City Hotel Showcases Water-Wise Wines

Event Africa Contributor 14/06/2018 Industry News

Century City Hotel in Cape Town is putting the spotlight on water-conscious wine producers for the month of June.

A selection of six wines, curated by the hotel’s sommelier, Michelle Moller, can be ordered by the glass at the hotel’s restaurant, Square Café & Wine Bar, or tasted inside the property’s glass-enclosed wine cellar during a food and wine pairing experience (for a maximum of eight guests).

In order to qualify as a ‘water-wise wine’, less than five litres needs to be used to produce each bottle. All of those showcased by Century City Hotel came in under this limit, with two of the farms using just 500ml of water to produce a bottle.

This ties in with the property’s water-conscious ethos, which includes toilets that use just nine-litres of recycled water to flush, timers to remind guests to try and stick to two-minute showers, high-pressure shower heads with built-in producers, and on-site water bottling facilities for both the hotel and adjacent conference centre.

Describing her vision for the Century City Hotel’s wine offering, Moller says: “Our aim was to create an accessible platform to showcase a unique and diverse collection of South African wines and offer guests the opportunity to sample very special wines they may never otherwise encounter.

“Many are specially sourced, and I often discover the gems when I go scouting through the smaller estates off the beaten track in the Winelands. It’s these regular excursions that allow me to find wines that are rarely – or never – found in retail or seen on wine lists.”

Unlike many establishments that update wine lists seasonally, Moller changes 10% of the wines monthly. She also hosts regular wine tastings which can be booked through the restaurant or a local gin sampling.

Source: tam.co.za