Commissions in SA Event Industry

Event Africa Contributor 12/04/2018 Industry News

Following the emergence of uncertainty that arose after recent surveys conducted by The Southern African Association for the Conference Industry (SAACI), the need to clarify the role of commissions in the events industry in Southern Africa has become a matter of urgency.

It needs to be made abundantly clear that SAACI does not make any decision on commissions. As the umbrella body of the business events industry in Southern Africa, the association is looking into this international industry issue based on various comments received and feedback received from SAACI members. SAACI acts solely to represent all our members on this topic as well as all other industry issues and in so doing provides the link between the private and public sectors.

SAACI has engaged National Treasury on this issue as they are in the process of looking at a more formalised policy for the business events sector as it pertains to government departments and bookings. It is very important to note that SAACI is not looking at regulating this business practice as the association is fully aware of the residual consequences that such regulation can have on SAACI members’ business and at no stage will SAACI dictate to our members how to run their businesses.

SAACI is rather looking at the ethical business practices within the industry and how to guide members and the industry as a whole to ensure that we operate within the SAACI code of conduct and best practices within the industry, including international best practice standards and guidelines (where applicable to South Africa and Southern Africa) in order to increase our industry attractiveness to international corporates. Any project we as SAACI undertake will always be dealt with according to our “members first” strategic focus.

We encourage all our members to participate in any further surveys or fact-finding requests we distribute. This is vitally important for SAACI to gain collective insight into our members’ views and business operations. We act solely on behalf of our members and we can only do so if our members are actively involved in providing us with their views and opinions. SAACI is always willing to discuss any project directly with our members and again we encourage open communication.

The association remains fully committed to strengthening the business environment for our members, but also to protect and strengthen the larger/broader industry in order to create a safe, ethical and growing business events industry for our members to successfully operate in and grow their own business.

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