CT International Jazz Festival goes Cashless

Event Africa Contributor 20/03/2018 Industry Events

The Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) has appointed a cashless transaction service provider to introduce a cashless payment solution at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival (CTIJF).  Festival-goers will simply tap to pay, reducing time spent in queues at busy bars and food vendors at the event.

The CTICC team is working with the cashless system provider, Howler, as well as festival organisers, espAfrika, to offer attendees a seamless food and beverage experience at the CTIJF which takes place on 23 & 24 March 2018.

Cashless systems reduce queues, speed-up payments and make transacting in a busy festival-environment safer – some of the main reasons the CTICC is implementing the Howler cashless platform for largescale events such as the CTIJF.

Julie-May Ellingson, Chief Executive Officer of the CTICC, said: “The CTIJF attracts over 35 000 festival-goers over two days. As the festival venue, the CTICC operates 11 public bars with over 300 staff. Making transactions easier, faster and safer is a win-win for everyone concerned. For delegates, a cashless platform offers a seamless customer experience across all vendors at the festival. The system is run offline which means no speed point, Wi-Fi or ATM failures or cash problems like getting the right amount of change. For clients and venues, a cashless system enhances reconciliation, stocktaking and reporting processes at the end of the event giving you more accurate data to plan future events. Music festivals and large-scale public events across the world are now becoming cashless environments as user-friendly digital solutions transform the event management landscape. We are very eager to work with our partners on this ‘event first’ and to see the cashless system in action.”

All bars, food vendors and exhibitors throughout the festival’s public space will use the CTICC Cashless powered by Howler system exclusively with no cash and credit card payments accepted. Festival-goers are encouraged to load their spending money for the event on the cashless card from the get-go. However, attendees can purchase artist merchandise and Rosies Stage tickets with cash or bank cards.

Festival Director Billy Domingo is excited to bring this new service to the CTIJF audience, saying: “The CTIJF has always been about putting our festival-goer at the heart of the event. Whether this is listening to the requests for artists, or the need for a more convenient digital payment system that negates the need to carry cash. Taking today’s digitally-advanced society into account, we will be working with the CTICC’s appointed cashless service provider – Howler. This will make transactions quicker so people can spend more time listening to their favourite acts and not missing any highlights.”

How it works:

  • When arriving at the festival, follow the directions to one of the three conveniently-located CTICC Cashless Top-Up stations.
  • You will be given a Howler cashless card onto which you will load money using cash or card (debit or credit card accepted). There will be no fees to purchase or load the card.
  • Use the Cashless Card to tap-and-go at bars and food vendors.
  • Top up the card at any point during the festival at one of the CTICC Cashless Top-Up stations
  • Your card balance will be provided on each transaction.
  • Cash out any remaining money after the event (cash-outs are available 72 hours post-event) through the Howler website straight into your bank account at no additional cost.

For more information on using the cashless payment system, visit the Cape Town International Jazz Festival website.