Bringing Women to Forefront of Energy in Africa

Event Africa Contributor 22/02/2018 Industry News

The gender gap in leadership across boardrooms of the world’s energy sector will come under the spotlight next month when the 2018 Women in Energy Conference takes place in Johannesburg.

The conference, which is a side event of the African Energy Indaba (AEI), will take place on the 19th February 2018 at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa.

According to the organisers this year’s event is designed to aid an increase in leadership and the development of women involved in the African energy space.

An ROE analysis on the top 200 utilities in the world indicated that the top 20 gender-diverse utilities substantially outperformed the bottom 20, endorsing an obvious connection between gender diversity and financial performance.

Diversity driving innovation

With the energy industry constantly striving to accommodate the growing demand and supply of power to homes, businesses and infrastructure, innovative approaches are required to address the related challenges.  This is why diversity in the sector is so significant.

The AEI 2018 Women in Energy Conference facilitates an interactive hub that enables leading women within the energy sector on the continent and beyond, the opportunity to network, share knowledge and achievements and encourage the further advancement of women across all sectors of the energy industry.

“The industry is buoyant with opportunities for multiple skillsets, and these include for example, Project Mangers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Technicians, Developers, Distribution Engineers and Project Coordinators,” explains the organiser.

Pro-active gender inclusive leadership

“Increasing numbers of women have started crossing the bridge from Technology companies into the Power and Utilities industry. Hence, those women aiming to develop a career in the energy sector in Africa, women energy entrepreneurs, high-potential women looking to enhance and advance their careers, need to attend this invaluable hive of information and knowledge- sharing.”

“Gender parity in leadership needs to be addressed, and shining a spotlight on this critical area and making it part of an organisation’s agenda could alter the approach towards a pro-active gender inclusive leadership in energy in the future,” the organiser concludes.