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Tes Proos, Head of Crystal Events and Incentives and President of SITE Southern Africa, explores the latest movements and trends in the incentive travel world.

With over 30 years’ experience in events and corporate hospitality, Crystal Events and Incentives is all about creating unique experiences. They operate in most of Sub-Saharan Africa and have a network of over 130 trusted experts assisting in just about any incentive request. Heading up Team Crystal is the dynamic Tes Proos, who is also the President of the Southern Africa chapter of the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence. She chats with the Event about her company, the incentive sector, and how global industry trends impact local companies.

Tell us briefly what Crystal Events does and what kind of trips are in demand?

We tailor make every single incentive programme. We look to the client in terms of their industry: where they’re from, their nationality, the culture of their business, what their budget is and what they want to achieve from the trip. Once we understand that, we can begin to make suggestions for the destination. It’s also dependent on how much time they have to travel. If they have four nights, we might stay in Cape Town because there’s a lot to do and they will get some leisure time as well. If it’s five nights, we could split it into three in Cape Town and two at a game lodge. We look at the client’s needs and what they want to achieve. The programme content is also defined by what the client wants their group to experience. Sometimes it’s purely an incentive trip; others add a teambuilding element. CSR has become important to companies – and there are so many options to explore, whether it’s a personal visit to someone’s home, a hospice, or planting trees.

Who do you partner with to create these experiences?

We like to work with likeminded people in terms of service delivery, high standards. Our clients travel with high expectations and most of them are well-seasoned travellers who are used to the best. It’s also about relationships. It’s wonderful to have a working relationship with hotel management, restaurant management, teambuilding companies, venues; this communication is valuable.

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