Teambuilding Trends

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We speak to Jon Ingram, Director of Beyond Teambuilding, to find out what the latest trends and movements are in the sector.

Beyond Teambuilding, part of the HiSide Group, prides itself in creating events, activities and challenges that push any team past mediocrity. It was created to bridge the market gap between fun-based teambuilding, and learnings-based team development. The company has been in the industry for 25 years and according to Director John Ingram, it is more exciting today than ever before. “Today we have technology that opens up all sorts of different activities and options, such as the Animation Station and Social Media Newspaper,” he says. The company is constantly innovating and in 2018 will be launching The Manic Motion concept where they use the Rube Goldberg version of over machining to help delegates use team dynamics to create a machine that delivers a defined outcome. Ingram says they’ve also teamed up with some ‘different’ people who have had amazing experiences that have led them to challenge their diversity and leadership skills. Using this, they have created simulated experiences – Prison Survival and a Desert Plane Crash – engaging participating teams’ raw leadership skills and helping to hone in on problem-solving, decision making and conflict management. He shares more on teambuilding trends below.

Team Building Trends

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