SenseVirtual on all things Virtual Reality in Event Marketing

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SenseVirtual Founder Tyrone Rubin talks about the intersection between virtual reality and event marketing.

Virtual reality has hit the ground running in South Africa, with more and more brands using this unique and immersive medium to create engaging and unforgettable experiences for their customers and potential business partners alike. SenseVirtual is one of a hand full of companies at the forefront of this innovative technology. They have a strong understanding of virtual reality and 360° filmmaking, as well as the many ways in which this technology can be used to market products and enhance events.

SenseVirtual offers services from conceptualization to creation of full 3D VR and VR filmed 360° content – creating everything from immersive VR marketing activations for clients and custom-made VR content for events, to a 360° tour of the V&A Waterfront and a VR real estate app which allows you to view properties, yes you guessed it, virtually.

According to Tyrone, the types of virtual reality systems on the market today are a far cry from the likes of the VR systems in the past. “High-end VR systems are now completely immersive with high-level Pixar-like graphics and are completely interactive, allowing users to move around and interact in a VR world. There are many ways in which to use this technology – there is no limit to the experiences which brands and companies are now able to create. High-end VR experiences are mind-blowing when using a high-end headset with controllers; the user is guaranteed to be completely immersed into another world. Being present in an experience in this way is one of the drawcards which ensures people always come back for more,” says Tyrone.

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