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A nonprofit organization known as the African Technology Foundation is on a mission to connect African tech startups with the expertise and opportunities available through Silicon Valley.


The foundation, which was founded in 2014, is based in California, with around 12 staff members working to showcase the tech potential that resides within the young and vibrant African continent, according to

Stephen Ozoigbo is the CEO of the African Technology Foundation, and he believes in the opportunity that lies within Africa’s tech ecosystem, which is why he is helping startups on the continent.

“It’s 55 countries with 55 policies, over 3,000 languages. There’s a case to be made for some investments to even happen at a city level and not even at a country level,” Ozoigbo said, according to PBS.

“The Africa I know and I represent is one where youth, technology, entrepreneurship and innovation will thrive,” he added.

By way of a series of programs and initiatives, the African Technology Foundation supports African tech entrepreneurs in their efforts to overcome the challenges they face.

Bringing Silicon Valley to Africa’s startups

Through the provision of access to technical support, resources and expertise derived in Silicon Valley and other examples of tech entrepreneurial excellence, the organization is able to empower startups in Africa in ways that allow them to raise the economic profiles of their communities.

Nigerian-born Ozoigbo is an ex-investment banker with an MBA in global business who has worked with Smith Barney, Citi Group, and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, before advising governments internationally on investments, internationalization, and innovation, according to BlackEnterprise.

Those experiences and many investors approaching him for advice on Africa led to him establish the African Technology Foundation, and he believes that the continent has turned the corner towards more prosperity.

“Africa is becoming less violent, less volatile and less politically constrained. Africa is participating in globalization, so the policies of the future should be written with Africa in mind at the country, institutional and corporate levels,” Ozoigo said, according to PBS.

With partners and supporters that include the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology(Africa’s largest tech incubator), Seedstars WorldDemo Africa and the Initiative for Global Development, among others, the African Technology Foundation is well placed to continue supporting tech startups throughout Africa.


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